CI&T Rises to Top Two Spot in Drupal Marketplace

by: Marcello Vessoni

Someone on their laptop with the screen showing CI&T on the second spot within the Drupal Marketplace
Posted on Jul 20, 2017

One year ago, we pushed our internal CI&T Drupal community, led by our DCO (Drupal Competence Office), and posed a lofty challenge—to move up the ranks of the Drupal Marketplace.


We're excited to announce that we've not not only climbed the list, but we've also reached the Top 2. It's important to mention that the Drupal Marketplace includes 891 organizations who provide Drupal services from around the world, and its ranking is based on several criteria like successful Drupal case studies and a strong partnership with It has been an important reference for companies who are interested in service providers with Drupal expertise. CI&T's experience dates back 10 years, building projects using the platform for global and large enterprises, as well as having one of the largest group of Drupal experts on the planet. Being such a powerhouse in the platform, we have been seeking to demonstrate a deeper connection with open source communities and the be able to to give back.


More important than the accomplishment itself, which of course, makes us really proud, are the contributions we’ve been able to make and the collaboration with been able to do with the community. We will continue to push our skills and form even deeper connections to maintain critical components that Drupal offers, which will continue to challenge our teams. We aim to  position ourselves as the top large scale digital technology agency for Drupal initiatives. Next up: the No. 1 spot.