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Analytics at CI&T
Delivering insights that truly matter—faster
Increasing traffic, engagement and sales through intelligent use of data

Our Approach

We believe that data driven speed is key to every company’s success and that insights empower organizations to make the right decision. Solutions must be customer centric, scalable and sustainable.

Transformation begins with data and ends with results.

Daniel Viveiros - CI&T CTO

The Lean Digital Path for Analytics

  • Start with auditing data source & analytics tools

  • Train teams on analytical tools & reporting

  • Map your data governance and set up proper infrastructure

  • Look for quick win insights to drive long-tail strategy

  • Adopt agile/lean methods of using data and insights

  • Create a culture based on data driven decisions

  • Change the Game. Conquer the Competition

  • Our Services

    As experts in analytics, we deliver

    Website, Social & Campaign Analytics
    Data Platforms Integration & Setup
    Data Visualization
    Tagging Hierarchy & Deployment
    Segmentation & Personalization
    Attribution Modeling
    Optimization Analysis
    Case Studies:
    Analytics in Action

    Here are three companies which leveraged our analytics capabilities to transform their businesses.

    Using e-learning to empower women all over the world

    Using e-learning to empower women all over the world

    CI&T worked with a world-wide beverage leader to design a mobile application for iOS and Android devices giving women access to learning modules developed by the company, inspiring women in underdeveloped countries to create and run their own businesses. The app provides a curriculum with access to educational courses, financial services, entrepreneurial training and mentorship connections.

    To ensure the app would be accessible for all users on various types of networks, CI&T built a lite version. All data points were tagged with Google Analytic and Tag Manager to ensure feedback for usage, interaction and engagement—all in a constant feedback loop to improve the experience each time it rolled out to a new country.

    Our development partner, CI&T brought invaluable skills to the table, funded half of the development and helped to navigate the challenges of developing and implementing the app within tight timing. The company also help us overcome various challenges to ensure the app could be scaled up in 2017 to other countries in Europe and Eura

    VP of Information Technology

    Making the best bigger, stronger and faster

    Making the best  bigger, stronger and faster

    We changed the game for one of the biggest private banks in the entire southern hemisphere, with more than 60 million clients and many financial products for account holders and non-account holders. To serve these various customer profiles and offer a wide range of products, this bank has a complex digital ecosystem, with more than 10 apps and 25 websites.

    Their proprietary card one of the best-selling credit cards in Brazil, with more than 37 million customers globally. To relaunch this product to a new audience, CI&T implemented a global tagging strategy, combined with site analytics to gauge media performance for all channels, both online and offline.

    This effort involved creating a new customer experience for cardholders. CI&T also redesigned specific solutions and developed new digital products.

    CI&T orchestrated 370 professionals dedicated to the project to implement changes and integration on various business fronts, from the development of new applications to solutions in Big Data, Analytics and User Experience (UX). CI&T’s development processes followed Lean concepts.

    WiFi password: Retail revolution

    WiFi password: Retail revolution

    Ancar Ivanhoe, is a world leader in the business of shopping malls and real estate, owning more than 80 enterprises in North America, Europe and Asia. These are enterprises with personality, ready to grow with quality, and leaders in their area, so it’s no coincidence that the company is among the five largest in Brazil.

    Ancar Ivanhoe asked CI&T to create a mobile-first approach to recognize individual consumers within their malls; driving influence, recognizing affinities and creating real-time conversion for over 1.5MM consumers.

    A 4-week assessment phase unpacking and analyzing the data and IDs that Ancar had historically gathered to create a Google Performance Desk to take device IDs, anonymize the data and match them back to real time beacons throughout the mall.

    Based on this approach, Ancar was able to throttle and provide real- time offers for their retailers based on captured historical behavioral patterns, recognizing the individual and providing mobile experiences and discounts to drive their shopping experience.