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Thelton McMillian is the Chief Growth Officer of CI&T a global technology services firm, where he leads sales and marketing for North America and Europe. He came to CI&T as founder and CEO of Comrade, which was acquired by CI&T in July 2017. Comrade brings to CI&T strategy, design and innovation capabilities, partnering with leaders in asset management, banking, digital health, fintech, insurance, nonprofit and technology to improve their customer and user experience, as well as to design, build and market new digital products and services. Clients include BlackRock, Chase, Coca-Cola, Google, Humanity United, iHeartMedia, Johnson & Johnson, 45 fintech firms and numerous startups, among others. 


Thelton is regularly quoted by analysts and the press on customer experience strategy, user experience, digital marketing and innovation. He also advises startups and founders on branding, positioning, product development and go-to-market strategy.

Prior to founding Comrade in 2006, Thelton was President and COO at Critical Mass (leading global digital agency), Managing Director at KPMG Consulting, and VP, Managing Director at Organic (pioneering Internet professional services firm). He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and two daughters and enjoys cooking, hiking and traveling.