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Tissiana Costa, Business Director at CI&T

Tissiana Costa

Business Director

Tissiana Costa is a Business Director at CI&T, the global digital solutions partner driving lean digital transformation for the world's biggest companies. For over 20 years, CI&T has been a trusted partner in helping Fortune 100 companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and Motorola build digital experiences and platforms that drive growth through a greater level of customer engagement.
As Business Director, Tissiana is responsible for the global Coca-Cola account. She and her team have led a number of initiatives at Coca-Cola across multiple competences in a multi-brand environment while driving innovation and the Agile/Lean mindset. Navigating the complex ecosystem of such a large scale, she helps Coca-Cola pursue excellence and innovation.

Tissiana has over a decade of experience managing complex software development projects within multi-site and multi-cultural environments using Lean and Agile principles and mindset. She is an expert in digital marketing engagements and has led digital transformation endeavors for top customers such as Johnson & Johnson. She has extensive international experience and has managed global projects in the USA, United Kingdom, Brazil and China.
She holds an MBA in business administration and a bachelors in computer engineering. Her fascination with other cultures extrapolates the professional world and permeates her personal life. In her passion for traveling and getting to know difference places, people and culture, Tissiana has visited over 30 countries and plans to continue growing this list.