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6x Faster
coca-cola premium juice

A giant with nimble feet

Coca-Cola Brazil wanted to change the way they launch new types of drinks to the market.

It was imperative for Coca-Cola to shorten its time to test new products and accelerate portfolio changes, driven by customer insight. They decided to tackle issues in the premium juice market. In partnership with CI&T, they adopted lean principles in conjunction with digital best practices to reduce lead time from ideation to market.

Learn Fast: The Secret of Digital Transformation

Coca-Cola began to incorporate agile methodology, continuous improvement and co-creation dynamics integrate teams and quickly create innovative solutions, as well as gather feedback from consumers through direct contact, listening to feedback. and testing new packaging.


Coca-Cola Brazil started to work as multidisciplinary and data-driven teams. The company was able to leverage talented individuals across departments resulting in strengthening its brand in the market, among premium consumers, and obtaining significant organizational gain.

With short learning cycles, they reduced lead time by 83%, became 6x faster. The success sparked innovative experiments to broaden the company's portfolio, increasing competitiveness and growth. The company managed to break down traditional barriers and improve governance between partners and manufacturers. A co-packer project was developed by the brand with the juice formula approved in just one week.