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Coca-Cola GO!
A platform that brings simplicity to a global brand

“When we think about the GO! program and other transformation projects, only 20% of success is based on technology. The other 80% is focused on the operations – or how you run your business. The important thing is to prevent technology from leading your process. Focusing on technology first will have you wandering down the wrong path quickly. We believe that the technology is a means to an end. We appreciate that CI&T is not a technology company and that it can focus on the actual issues while keeping technology in its place.”

Lisa L. Rogers
Group Manager, Consumer Experience at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s regional businesses have considerable latitude in creating digital experiences. With 2,000+ different websites and 600+ digital agencies building websites, the company struggled with too many sites, duplicated efforts,  and complex technologies and policies. Consequently, one of the biggest challenges facing Coca-Cola was to create one platform that supports regional businesses worldwide with operational efficiency. 

Coca-Cola GO! Is the global online platform that extends the capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and is designed to deliver fit and affordability for online activations. It’s meant to allow markets to create consistent digital experiences while keeping it flexible for personalization and customization. The GO! Platform consists of an integrated suite of products and services that can be used as “building blocks” to create a website.

“GO!" stands for “global online”

GO! can be thought of as a collection of building blocks for websites that help operationalize efficiency at scale. For example, using a common set of tools and a modular design system, regions now have the flexibility to create a simple landing page or a complex, content-rich site. The platform also offers every region a wide range of capabilities to customize their digital presence through one platform – with the option of integrating features such as sweepstakes and promotions, contextual targeting, personalization, coupons, live event streaming and so much more.

Now that the GO! platform has been deployed on a globally, each region benefits from greater governance and a flexible framework that affords local markets more autonomy, creativity, specificity, and innovation. By investing in this capability once and then passing it along to each market, the GO! platform helps deliver real value to each market. Ultimately, the platform allows Coca-Cola to operationalize the process of running websites, and to leverage scale to drive down costs.