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CI&T and Financial Services

Making strategy, design, and development add up.

Our practice

For decades, CI&T has enabled transformation for banks, asset managers, insurance companies and FinTech providers all over the world. Our approach includes co-creating outstanding business strategies and designing and delivering cutting edge digital experiences, underpinned by an effective data strategy. We help turn enterprise agile from a buzzword in reality and change company culture through lean digital and focusing on generating business impact every 90 days. Our financial services clients rely on us for our deep expertise in the industry and our clients include 20+ Financial Services companies,  four Global Top 50 banks, and two of the world's largest asset managers.

Our work


our work with Bank of the West case study
Bank of the West: Mobile banking innovation that drives engagement
Partnering with Bank of the West, we were asked to solve their mobile customers' biggest frustration with the user experience — having to constantly sign in just to check their balances on their phone...

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Innovative security for the banking industry
Security, customer experience and innovation: what’s the connection?

Security matters greatly to both customers and innovation success. Yet there’s little consensus on how much security should be proactively introduced into the customer experience...

innovation and speed to market
Innovation speed to market study reflections

If I was surprised by the many findings in my latest research report ‘Innovation Speed to Market Report: How Financial Sector Firms Manage Innovation Projects to Meet Timelines and Customer Needs’, I’ll bet you will be too...

automated invoicing payments
Top Payments Solutions Company Automates Invoicing with Machine Learning for Faster Bill Processing

There’s opportunity when it comes to automating back- and middle-office tasks. That’s why the leading online business payments solutions company and CI&T decided to tackle this on to ensure a more seamless process of ...

machine learning reimbursement
Digital Reimbursement: Quicker Document Analysis by Using Image Recognition and Machine Learning

Anyone who has ever had to request a medical reimbursement from their insurance company knows very well how the process time-consuming and bureaucratic it is. This was no different for the 7 million ...

A woman walking past a bank on her phone.
Transforming a Top 30 Global Bank to its Digital Core

A leading top 30 global bank with over 60 million customers approached CI&T three years ago with a challenge: change the way they work ...

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Leonardo Mattiazzi

Leonardo Mattiazzi, Executive Vice President

Leo's goal: to develop innovative, smarter applications with our clients and partners, leveraging our Lean philosophy, expertise in Enterprise-Class Agile, cutting-edge technology and an incredible drive to go where no-one has gone before.