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New Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, in association with CI&T

Machine Learning: The Next Generation of Customer Experience

The new report reveals how machine learning can help companies big and small redefine and improve the customer experience – oftentimes inexpensively, quickly, and with only small or gradual improvements needed to see tangible impact. This can result in more personalized and relevant offers, an easier-to-understand online interaction, a quicker transactional experience, and a more frictionless journey from discovery to purchase – all of which can translate into stronger brand loyalty and sales for your own organization.

Read the report to explore:

  • How implementing machine learning today lays the foundation for competitive advantage
  • Insights from exclusive interviews with Airbnb and Uber on how they’re using machine learning to improve the customer experience
  • Best practices for leveraging machine learning to attract, engage, and convert customers across all areas of their journey
  • Steps to incorporate machine learning technologies in your own organization
Machine Learning: The Next Generation of Customer Experience Report by CI&T and Harvard Business Review



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About CI&T: 

For over 20 years, CI&T has been a trusted partner for the most complex engagements inside the world's biggest companies. We’re experts at transforming the customer experience with the power of machine learning. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner since 2012, we accelerate the impact machine learning can bring to organizations and customers by reimagining their experience and validating the business impact within a short timeframe. With over 2,500 digital business strategists, designers and engineers in the US, UK, Brazil, Australia, Japan and China, CI&T is big enough to scale to the needs of Fortune 1000 clients yet agile enough to achieve the speed-to-market today's customers demand.

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