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Our work
We partner with our clients to transform digital innovation.
phone color wheel


MotoMaker creates a customized experience for users to design their device their own way. 

a young boy
A close up of a young boy staring straight into the camera


A crowdfunding platform to improve lives globally.

A woman walking past a bank on her phone.
A woman walking past a bank on her phone.

Transforming a Top 30 Global Bank

A leading top 30 global bank with over 60 million customers approached CI&T three years ago with a challenge.

person looking at content on phone
person looking at content on phone

Bridging Physical and Digital Consumption

Connecting with individual customers, tracking product consumption and increasing brand loyalty 

a computer screen with data
a computer screen with data

Transforming Data Management

Learn how one American mass media company transitioned from on-premise data warehouses to the Cloud, enabling data-driven business decisions. 

coca-cola premium juice
coca-cola premium juice

6x faster

A step towards organizational transformation, making Coca Cola more agile and using digital as a fundamental strategy