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We help traditional companies operate like cloud natives.

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You need speed and innovation to succeed in the digital space. CI&T helps our customers deliver delightful, innovative experiences and changes the way their technology teams operate.

We lead with Enterprise Architecture and Application Modernization, replacing monoliths with containers and microservices using an incremental and solid roadmap.

We work together with our clients to deploy Enterprise Agile and DevOps as the foundation for the delivery process, to transform tooling, process, and culture.

We are also trusted advisors in defining Cloud Migration and Data Strategies, with customer analytics and applied machine learning to improve customer experience and conversion rates.


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Technology expertise
Case Study: Motorola MOTOMAKER
Launched in 2013, the Moto Maker Program was designed to strengthen customer relationships by allowing them to customize their own devices (smartphones and smartwatches). CI&T began working on this project in 2015 with...

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Innovation with Google
Case Study: Google

Metrics are key with BVI and ensuring that calculating this data is accurate is crucial...

Expertise in cloud migration
Driving Business Impact Through Cloud Migration

Companies want to outpace their competitors, stay profitable, and grow. There are usually two ways of doing this, increase revenues and reduce cost. A properly deployed cloud ...

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Daniel Viveiros

Daniel Viveiros, Chief Technology Officer

Daniel believes that technology and people together are the heart of a digital transformation, and he works closely with clients to create a consistent roadmap and proper change management strategies to help them succeed in the digital space.