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  • Cognitive image

    If you ask ten people, you’ll get eleven different answers. With so much hype around Cognitive, Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Science, etc., it has become difficult to take a stand on what cognitive is and why we should already be applying it everywhere.

  • A busy scene of shoppers in a mall.

    Whether Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or simply “just because,” buying gifts can feel like counting grains of sand - i.e., it’s not easy. Meanwhile, there are 250,ooo—300,000 e-commerce companies in the U.S. all vying for the attention of shoppers...

  • Coworkers looking at a computer screen. A woman points at the screen while her coworker looks on.
    Solutions Architect Openings Available in New York & Chicago
    by: The CI&T Team
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    Join CI&T as a Senior Software Engineer
    by: The CI&T Team